Keeping warm this winter from head to toe

After an unseasonably warm New Year’s Day, temperatures have plummeted again. Anti-Covid measures like keeping windows open in classrooms, along with being outdoors during breaktime means it’s important your kids can keep warm during the school day, all the way from head to toe.


Heads and other extremities

We lose a lot of heat from our heads and hands and they’re often the first areas of our bodies to feel the cold. Whether it’s a woolly hat, a scarf and gloves set that’s been given for Christmas or even a pair of ear warmers, it’s important to keep your children’s heads, ears and hands protected from the cold during winter. Try our performance sports gloves – they aren’t just for P.E. – your kids can wear them all through the cold season.


Investing in a good winter coat is essential, but we’ve got lots of other garments to keep your kids warm this winter.

Our school blazers are easy to look after with stain resistance and are machine washable. With different designs for boys and girls your children will be sure to look stylish while keeping warm.

Keep your children cosy under their blazers with some quality knitwear. Our range of jumpers for both boys and girls are soft, durable and easy to clean. They’re built for comfort without compromising on style and are available in various colours.

If your kids’ school has a more casual uniform policy, we stock a range of unisex sweatshirts to keep them warm and comfortable. They’re just as durable with strengthened seams, ribbed welt and cuffs to help them keep their shape and a high-quality polyester cotton mix fabric that won’t bobble easily. They’re also available in a range of colours and necklines.


Trousers and Skirts

Kids are often running around outside at breaktime, keeping warm by moving and our trousers are made to fit that environment. Our boys trousers have stronger seams, are made from a heavyweight fabric, are stain resistant and designed for the rough and tumble of school life.

Our girls school trousers are specifically crafted, designed and manufactured with girls in mind. They provide a combination of tailored waistbands to improve the look as well as a stretch fabric to offer comfort, all while keeping their legs warm in winter.


Tights and socks

Girls are lucky to choose whether to wear trousers or a skirt during winter; if they opt for the latter a pair of thick tights under their skirt will not only keep their legs warm but will look smart too.

Keeping feet warm is essential so make sure your kids have thick socks too. All of our socks are cotton rich for comfort and warmth.



A sturdy pair of shoes will not only keep your children’s feet warm but dry too. Our school shoes are available in a range of sizes and styles. As with all Trutex garments, they’re designed with quality in mind to make sure they’re both long lasting and comfortable – and will be sure to keep out the rain and snow from your kids’ feet!

Also, don’t forget our recent guide on keeping your kids warm during their winter PE lessons and sports activities.

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