Wrapping up for winter sports

Well it's been a pretty mild last couple of weeks but it's still winter, and up and down the country, children will still be seen out on playing fields during P.E. classes or extra curriculum sports.

Here we share some ways in which you can keep your kids warm during those cold winter games.



Layers are a great way to keep warm when playing outside in the cold. You can buy junior base layers to go under their P.E. kit; from lightweight long-sleeved tops to tights, there’s lots of options to try, even a simple vest underneath will do the trick. Check out our micro fleeces and hoodies to go over their kit – it gives kids the option to add as much or little extra warmth depending on how cold it is.


Keeping extremities warm

Hands, feet and ears are all susceptible to the cold weather. Woollen beanie hats, headbands, gloves and thick socks are a great addition to their P.E. kit during winter. Our gloves are designed with an internal fleece-lining for added warmth, a high-grip silicone palm and an elasticated wristband. 

Like other layers, children can add these when they’re feeling cold and take them off when they get a bit hot – just be careful that they don’t lose them!


Simple swaps

During winter, a simple swap would be to change out gym shorts and skirts for tracksuit bottoms or full length leggings, and t-shirts for a long-sleeved sports top. Our pro-track pants come in a range of colours to fit in with your school’s uniform.

If your school has a strict uniform and insists on shorts and skirts, our unisex long socks come with padded sole and micromesh venting, and you could always use plain base layers underneath, as described above.


Keeping warm post-exercise

If you take your kids to after school sports or weekend sports, once they’ve finished exercising, make sure they put a jumper on or put some tracksuit bottoms on over shorts if they’re wearing them. We can often feel warm after exercising but our body temperature can drop very quickly afterwards (especially small bodies) and it’s important to protect against cold and worst case, hypothermia.

If your children are into swimming, make sure they dry their hair afterwards to protect against the cold.

Once you’ve got them home, get them into the bath or shower to warm up and maybe treat them to a hot chocolate.



For older children, make sure they wash their football or hockey boots straight away, there’s nothing like the smell of dirty boots coming out of a sweaty carrier bag the night before a P.E. lesson!