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We don’t just focus entirely on producing the highest-quality school wear but also the best value schoolwear. We produce a range of different school clothes for a whole range of activities - whether you want your child classroom-ready or heading out to play sports - we have the perfect range of schoolwear for you.


What makes us unique is that we develop our clothes with a few main factors in mind. Firstly, that the clothes look the part and ensure your child looks smart and ready to take on everything School has to throw at them. Secondly, they are comfortable and actually enjoy being in the clothes as opposed to uncomfortable and irritable clothing that can distract them. Lastly, the clothes are designed and built for endurance.


Here at Trutex, we have been developing and supplying high-quality school clothes and general schoolwear since 1865 and have developed a leading reputation for being the #1 School Clothes manufacturer and producer in the UK.


You can shop right here online for School Clothes, School Sportswear and much, much more. Please see our clothing categories above. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes, along with dedicated sections for boys and girls school clothes, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect sets of clothes for your child.


Of course, if you do have any questions about any of the clothing items, then the Trutex customer services team will be more than happy to help you further. We also sell through independent retailers, right across the UK.