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  1. Junior Boys' Sturdy Fit Stain Resistant School Trousers (4-13 Years)
    £18.00  -  £21.50
  2. Senior Boys' Sturdy Fit Stain Resistant School Trousers (11-16+ Years)
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30 Results per page

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Constructed for the playground; Stronger seams, heavyweight fabric, stain resistance and cut to fit. These trousers are designed for the rough and tumble of school life meaning they last, saving you money in the long run. Even better, time saving technologies like non-iron and permeant creases mean they stay smart with minimal effort. A wide range of styles, sizes and lengths means you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your child. Available in Black, Navy, Grey, Charcoal and Brown. Reach out to us if you would like to know more about our range of school trousers. 


Boys School Trousers FAQ


How to Measure for Boy's School Trousers?

We have a standard measurement for boys' school trousers, but it is always best to measure your child to ensure the perfect fit. You will need a tape measure and these instructions. 


1. Measure your child around their natural waist, usually the narrowest part just under the rib cage. This is the waist measurement.

2. Measure their inside leg – this is from the crotch, to where you want the trouser to finish – eg just below their ankle bone or a bit longer to add more growth room.

3. Use these measurements to find boy's school trousers that will fit your child perfectly.


What are the Right 'Fit' Trousers for My Boy?

We have a range of 'Fits' for boys trousers; from junior 'Slim fit’,  ‘Classic fit’ and 'Sturdy Fit'. . The difference between these junior fit styles is that the waist will be slimmer or larger, but the length of the trouser is the same. Eg slim fit size 7 is 22" waist / 21" length, classic size 7 is 24" waist and 21" length, sturdy fit size 7 is 26" waist and 21" length.

The main thing to remember when choosing trousers for your boy is that they should be comfortable. If they are too tight he won't be able to move freely, and if they are too loose he will trip over them. The best way to test if they are the right 'fit' is for him to try them on and move around in them. He should be able to sit, jump, and run without feeling restricted.

If you're not sure which 'fit' is right for your boy, our sizing guide will help you choose the perfect pair of trousers. Reach out to us if you have any further questions about choosing the right trousers for your boy.

For senior boys trousers we offer “slim leg”, “contemporary” and “sturdy fit”. The slim leg and contemporary are the same classic styling with straight leg. The Sturdy fit is wider on the waist and hip. You will also find a variety of lengths available, regular, short and long length.

Use our size app online with your child’s height and weight and we will suggest the right size to try. You can also easily exchange using our free returns service. More details can be found here: