What should I do with my kids during half term?

Half term holidays are here again – but are you scratching your head about how to entertain the children for a week? Whether you’re visiting relatives or staying at home, there are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy while helping them recharge from school life.

Enjoy the great outdoors
It’s still winter, but the days are getting longer, and you can start to feel spring in the air. So if you’re taking time off work and awake to a crisp, sunny day, try taking the children out for a walk in the fresh air to burn off some energy and get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

The National Trust puts on plenty of nature-inspired activities during school holidays, so make sure to check out what’s happening this half term.

Live in a town or city? Whether it’s a theatre show, museum exhibition, or activity-packed training camps with their local sports club, there’s sure to be some fun things to discover. Google ‘half term activities and events’, and see exactly what’s on near you.

Cook up a storm inside
While the chances of snow are slim this half term, you can always expect some rainy days. If your kids were inspired by the recent Junior Bake Off series, they might want to put some new ideas to the test in the kitchen. Baking is always fun (if a little messy!) – and older kids can help the younger ones out. Plus, you get to enjoy some sweet treats at the end.

Or have a family pizza night and make your own pizzas. This is another great way to get kids interested in cooking, as they get to choose their own toppings and try new flavours – and they’re often healthier than takeaway pizzas too. Pizza bases are readily available to buy in the supermarket, although making your own bases from scratch can be a lot of fun. 

Join your local library
Books can be expensive to buy brand new. So if your children are avid readers, or you want to encourage them to read more, then join your local library. Libraries are free to join and will give your kids access to an unlimited number of exciting stories and eye-opening facts and non-fiction. Whether they’re still learning to read or reading for pleasure, there’s bound to be something for everyone. And if they don’t like a book, they can simply take it back and pick out another one, without you feeling like you’re always buying new books.

Don’t forget your school uniform check…
As we come towards the end of the winter season, now’s the perfect time to prepare your school uniforms and get the children ready for spring.

March temperatures can vary wildly, so consider layering short-sleeved shirts with a vest underneath, or lightweight jumpers and cardigans. It might not look or feel like shorts and skirts weather yet, but if there’s a sudden spell of warm weather, your children might decide they want to wear a skirt with long socks or tights, or shorts with long socks.

It’s also a good time to check how their shoes have held up against the harsh winter weather. There’s nothing worse than coming home from school with soaking-wet socks, so make sure their footwear is still up to scratch before any springtime showers.

Above all, make some time for relaxing this half term. We all remember how tiring the school term can be, so if they need to recharge their batteries in front of the TV, that’s okay too.