Top tips for keeping kids and teens warm this winter

The coldest months of the year are fast-approaching. When you head out on the school run in the morning, you might have already noticed you can see your breath and it’s already dropping dark by home-time. 

Whether they’re sat in a classroom with the windows open as an anti-COVID measure, running around a chilly playground during breaktime, or battling an icy gale as they wait at the bus stop, it’s important kids and teens of all ages stay warm and dry. 

We share some simple ways you can bulk up their uniform so they don’t catch a chill this winter. 


1. Layer them up

Building up a number of thinner layers is the most effective way to keep children warm and dry. Generally, for babies and smaller kids, that means one more layer than you need as an adult to stay warm in the same weather conditions. 

Consider a vest beneath their school shirt to lock in heat coming from their torso, and on really cold days, long johns beneath trousers can be great for keeping kids cosy during those outdoor breaktimes. 


2. Don’t forget the extremities 

As well as layering up the body, it’s important to keep hands, feet and heads wrapped up too. A good pair of thick gloves, chunky socks and woolly hat will help trap in heat and ward off the cold so extremities don’t go numb. 

Our gloves are designed with an internal fleece-lining for added warmth, a high grip silicone palm, an elasticated wristband and smart phone touch index and thumb tips – perfect if you’ve got teens glued to their mobiles.


3. Choose a higher denier 

If your child prefers wearing dresses and skirts rather than trousers to school, they’ve hopefully already donned a pair of tights now the temperature has dropped into the single-digits. 

Through the winter months, choose 80 denier or higher to help legs stay toasty. You can even pick up fleece-lined and ladder-proof ones which are great if your kids love to be in the great outdoors, getting involved in playground games.


4. Add a jumper or cardigan beneath blazers

While blazers tend to be quite big, they’re not necessarily that warm. Buying high school kids a good quality knit to wear beneath it can help keep off the cold whether they’re sat in a draughty classroom or waiting for the school bus on a cold winter morning.

Trutex knitwear is made from 100% cotton with elastane cuffs to help give shape and keep it looking new for longer. It can even be tumble-dried at a low temperature, perfect when you can’t get things dry outdoors. 


5. Don’t forget their P.E kit

Although they’ll warm up as they exercise, sports halls will still drop cold in the winter and many schools even continue to run P.E classes outside, so you might want to change up their kit to match the season.

Swap out gym shorts and skirts for tracksuit bottoms or full-length leggings, and consider a hoodie or fleece to keep the goosebumps off their upper body. 


6. Choose Trutex this winter

We’ve been supplying Britain's kids with quality school and sportswear for 150 years. 

When you buy from Trutex, you're buying the best. And if there’s anything you’re not 100% happy with or doesn’t fit, you can return it to us free of charge for a refund or replacement, meaning you can buy with confidence.