Top tips for a brilliant bank holiday weekend

Thanks to the coronation of King Charles III, we’re lucky to have three bank holidays this May – with two long weekends in a row at the start of the month, and the late spring bank holiday on 29th May coinciding with the half term holidays.

So let’s take the opportunity to have some family fun! And If you’re wondering what to do, or how to avoid breaking the bank, then don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. 


Head to the beach

For most of us in the UK, we’re never too far from the coast – and there’s something about the seaside that brings out the inner child in all of us. Making sandcastles and digging trenches on the beach will keep kids entertained for hours. And there might be some rock pools where you can look for little creatures like crabs and starfish too.

If you live further inland, there might be a river or lake at a local beauty spot where you can enjoy a paddle in the water and sit down together for a picnic or pub lunch.

As we always say, getting some fresh air has huge health benefits for everyone – and the ocean air is guaranteed to help the whole family sleep better. But most importantly, there’s always sure to be an ice cream van somewhere along the way!


Try a tree top adventure

These have become really popular over the last few years and can be found all over the country. Perfect for adults and children, you can test your bravery and problem-solving skills by manoeuvring across the course. And who doesn’t love zipping down a zipline? 


Play games in the great outdoors 

The weather is finally warming up – so get your children outdoors again by playing some games in the garden, or taking them for a bike ride to the local park. 

Try keeping the kids active with a game of netball or basketball, or a relaxed kickabout with a football in the park. You could even get the paddling pool out if you want to make a splash!

Looking for something in your town or city? Your local council’s website can show you where events and activities are happening in your area. Whether it’s in a library, local museum or park, there’s plenty of fun to be found – whatever the weather.


Camp out in the garden

Kids often love a good adventure – but if you can’t get away to a campsite, try camping out in your own back garden for a day (or night). You could even set up a barbecue with sausages and burgers too – and don’t forget the toasted marshmallows for dessert!


Coronation creations

With the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May, here are some royally fun recommendations for celebrating the occasion and enjoying the extra time together:


A crowning achievement

How about helping the children create their own crowns with some lightweight card and crafts? Once they’ve drawn the crown shape on the card, it’s just a case of cutting it out – with a bit of help if they need it, of course. Once they’ve painted on their gems and jewels, it just needs some sticky tape to fix it together, and they can be queen or king for the day!


Make your own flags

If your children were king or queen of their own country, what would their flag look like? Ask them to add their favourite colours, animals and people on it. You just need paper straws or wooden dowel rods for the flagpoles, and some card or paper for drawing on, plus paints or felt tips. Have fun waving them proudly in the air!


Prepare a coronation picnic

Hosting or joining a local street or garden party? Get the kids to help out when preparing the food in the kitchen. From the official coronation quiche to coronation chicken sandwiches and other tasty treats, there are plenty of coronation party recipes to be found online.


However you decide to spend the May bank holidays, try your best to relax, have fun, and take advantage of the extra day off – you deserve it.