Make this a Mother’s Day to remember

Psst...mums and carers! You might have started dropping hints to your family that Mother's Day is coming up soon…

To help, we've come up with some suggestions for your kids/significant other to make you feel special, so feel free to print this off and post it on the fridge, drop into your kids' school bags, put in your other half's laptop bag, tape it to the front door – whatever gets their attention! Don't forget to highlight your favourites too...


It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, 19th of March! So what better time to celebrate all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers and mother-like figures in our lives?

Want to make your mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day? Here are some fun ideas:


Make her breakfast in bed 

Give her the best start to the day by surprising her with some breakfast in bed. If you decide to make hot food and drinks, always make sure an older sibling or adult is there to help you (and make sure mum doesn’t have to clean up afterwards!)


Bake her a cake

If breakfast isn’t her thing, you can always bake her a delicious cake. And she’ll be sure to share it with you too! Again, just make sure there’s someone older around to help with the oven. You could even write mum a special message on top using icing sugar.


Make a homemade card

Don’t worry about spending money! All you need is some card and felt-tips or crayons. Add some colourful decorations to the card like glitter or ribbons to make it extra special.


Pick up a little treat

If you do have some spare pocket money, you could always buy mum her favourite treat from the local shop – like a chocolate bar or some pretty flowers. 


Go out for the day

Does your mum have a favourite spot she likes to visit? Suggest going for a day out as a family – whether it’s for bike ride in the countryside or a woodland walk, or maybe a trip to a museum or art gallery in the city. Remember to make her day as relaxing as possible!


Enjoy a family lunch

You could ask your aunties, uncles or grandparents to get together for a big family lunch. Mum can pick her favourite place, and then nobody has to do any washing up after!


Watch a film together

Whether you’ve been out for the day, or you decided to stay warm and dry inside on a rainy day, it might be nice to sit down together and let mum choose her favourite film. You can cosy up on the sofa with some drinks and snacks, sit back, and relax.


Make a pamper hamper

While a spa day might be a bit too expensive for pocket money, you could help your mum experience some rest and relaxation at home! Fill a box with things like face masks and eye masks, nail polish, make up, moisturisers or foot treatments – and even add her favourite snacks. It could make the perfect joint present from you and your siblings.


Help her relax

Mums are busy people! So if she just wants to put her feet up this Mother’s Day, give her some peace and quiet for an hour or two, and let her read a book or catch up on her favourite TV programme. If you really want to spoil her, you could offer to do some chores that she usually takes care of – like washing dishes or tidying up some of the house. You could even sort out your school uniform ready for Monday morning! 


Remember, Mother’s Day is not about how much money you spend. There’s nothing mums love more than you making an effort to make her feel special.