What's my size? Blazer fitting guide.

A guide to choosing the right school blazer.

Choosing the right size blazer is key to getting a blazer that lasts and also feels comfortable for your child to wear. We recommend watching the short videos below, for a few tips and techniques to find the right size for your child.



Blazers are bought by chest size, so you will need your child's chest measurement to start. To take your child’s chest measurement, measure around the fullest part of their chest. For younger children, place the tape measure a few inches below their armpit and measure their chest there. For older children, particularly girls, the fullest part of their chest might be a little lower. Your child will be able to tell you what feels comfortable to them. Be sure not to pull the tape measure too tight as this can lead to buying shirts or blouses which are too small and strain at the buttons.

Blazers & Contemporary Jackets
Chest Size (inches) Chest Size (cm) Age Guide
24" 61cm 5-6yrs
26" 66cm 7-8yrs
28" 71cm 9-10yrs
29" 73cm
30" 76cm
31" 79cm 11-12yrs
32" 81cm
33" 84cm
34" 86cm 13yrs
35" 89cm
36" 91cm
38" 96cm 14-16yrs
40" 102cm  
42" 107cm
44" 112cm
46" 117cm
48" 122cm
50" 127cm
52" 132cm
54" 137cm
56" 142cm
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