3 easy morning hair styles for school girls

  1. Ponytail
    A simple ponytail is quick and smart for school. After brushing your child's hair pull into a bunch in one hand then use an elastic band to loop around the hair until tight. Add clips bows or scrunchies to add their school color
  2. Plait
    Next a plait bring all the hair to the base of the head where the hair meets their neck, then divide the hair into three equal parts to start the plait. Cross one outside portion with the middle portion, then repeat with the opposite outside part. Keep repeating this and moving your hands down the hair. Once towards the bottom add some elastic to keep the plait in place
  3. Bunches
    Another favorite is the simple bunches. After brushing their hair, divide into two equal parts. Brush the hair to one side and scoop into a low bunch just behind their ear simply smooth down and loop an elastic band around to secure. Repeat on the other side and there you have it lovely neat hair, whatever the weather may throw at them!