Nurture The Future 

- our CSR committment

For over 150 years, Trutex have supplied high quality school uniforms to customers across the UK and the world. We have always been committed to nurturing the future, now more than ever. Here are some key facts about Trutex, the way we conduct our business ethically and some of the key initiatives changing the way we produce our uniform to help the environment, people and communities around the world.

Key Facts About Trutex

  • Manufacture over 4 million garments every year
  • Supply to customers in 30+ countries
  • Have our own teams in the UK, China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
  • Distribute via 700+ independent retailers in the UK
  • Supply millions of school children each and every year


Our Memberships

  • Foundation Stage member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)
  • Slave Free Alliance
  • Schoolwear Association
  • BIFFPACK Waste Management Scheme


Carbon Neutral Schoolwear Supplier

We are proud to be a carbon neutral schoolwear company, the 1st in the UK. We have worked hard to reduce our Carbon Footprint, and are proud to say that we have been Carbon Neutral for the past six years. 

Since 2012 our business has undergone an extensive auditing program each year undertaken by Carbon Clear and in-line with ISO14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. It identified the amount of carbon we used as an organisation in the 12 months prior to the audit, including energy usage within our offices, delivery of our goods and business travel.

Our carbon usage is then offset through certified projects around the world.


Anti-Bullying Initiative 

Trutex is proud to partner The Diana Award, a charity legacy to Princess Diana's belief that young people have the power to change the world.

Trutex with the Diana Award Anti-bullying initiative aims to empower young people to tackle bullying in their schools and communities and make them safe, happy and bully-free place to be. Trutex are committed to helping reach more young people to benefit this programme and help build confidence in young people. 


RE-VIVE Recycled Fabric

Trutex has worked alongside a specialist recycling company to develop a 100% recycled polyester twill blazer, trousers and skirts, which provides a sustainable change for the better. This innovative fabric is made from certified 100% recycled post-consumer polyester yarns and provides a sustainable range of uniform for boys and girls. 

Each blazer uses 36 plastic bottles in its manufacture, and 19 bottles in trousers and skirts meaning Trutex save over 9 million bottles from landfill every year. So when you buy a Trutex RE-VIVE garment, not only are you getting Truex's famous 'Made to Last' quality but you are also doing your bit for our planet's future.


Ethical Initative

All Trutex products are manufactured in safe working conditions, a fact that is ensured by the undertaking of social and ethical audits by Trutex employees and independent auditing organisations, such as SMETA, on our supplying factories around the world.

The audits look into a wide range of health and safety procedures and practice, including clear evacuation procedures and the working environment; lighting, ventilation, protective equipment and also wages, hours of work and the age of the factory employees. 

It is our policy to only work with factories that not only demonstrate a strong ethical position but are also prepared to further implement recommended changes and continually improve working conditions for employees.


Reducing Energy & Waste

We are always looking for ways to recycle and reduce waste. All our waste is separated so only the minimum is sent to landfill and we re-use and recycle as much as possible. Any garments that are deemed unfit for sale or other use are sent to charity or for 3rd World countries use.

All cardboard which cannot be re-used is baled and sent to a business, Smurfit Kappa, who are able to recycle everything they receive from us. We are also part of the BIFFPACK waste management scheme. All our information in regards to controlling what we recycle or dispose of has to be registered through this organisation and is monitored by a yearly submission. The details we provide are carefully tracked and followed by the Environment Agency in conjunction with BIFFPACK.

We have an on-going commitment to reduce our energy consumption. We replaced all our lighting throughout our 900,000 sq foot facility with new fittings and 622 T5-35W energy saving lamps. This has reduced our energy consumption by 35414.4 killowatt hours, resulting in a CO2 reduction of 19310 kilograms per annum.

Trutex has partnered with Giving World, a registered charity that redirects our end-of-line and discontinued stock to deprived communities both within the UK and around the world.  This not only reduces the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill but also provides much needed help to vulnerable communities that may not be able to afford schoolwear. 

Giving World is an award winning UK charity with a distribution platform that enables them to quickly and efficiently distribute items to a targeted range of vulnerable and needy people.  You can read more about our partnership with Giving World here.    

Reducing Clothing Sent to Landfill