Action on Reducing Plastics

We know the importance of reducing the amount of single use plastic associated with our products and packaging, which is why we are committed to reducing their use by at least 50% by 2025. Read more below to learn how Trutex are taking action on reducing plastics.

100% Recycled Fabric

We’re pioneers in the use of polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Our certified fabric is made from yarn 100% produced from post-consumer plastic bottles, so that we generate the maximum environmental benefit. Whilst this is a more costly option than yarns containing only partially recycled materials, we believe it is the right thing to do to go the extra mile and use only 100% recycled yarns.

Blazers, boys trousers, shorts and skirts are all made using this fabric we call “Re-vive”. Annually we “re-vive” 14 million plastic bottles in the manufacture of these garments. That would be enough water to fill 4 Olympic sized swimming pools!


How do we make plastic bottles into fabric for these garments?

The process uses the plastic bottles, which are broken down into flakes, these then go through de-polymerisation and re-polymerisation processed to make the recycled chips. The chips are then melted and extruded to make yarn which is then woven into the fabric. 

Make sure you check what % polyester is recycled in the products you buy – the more %, the less the impact on the environment – not all “recycled” products out there are equal!

Plastic is used widely in packaging, particularly in the clothing industry – to keep products pristine in transport and storage. However, we are on a mission to reduce our single use plastics where we can and are committed to reducing their use by at least 50% by 2025.

We’ve already started this journey and from 2021 production our shirts & blouse internal packaging is now made from card or removed totally, making our internal shirt & blouse packaging 100% plastic free. The outer bag is also now made from biodegradable and recycleable plastic (2021 production). These changes have meant we have removed 4.5 tonnes of plastic from our packaging each year. That’s the same weight as an African elephant or around 1 million plastic bags!

You can also find ways to help re-use other parts of our packaging here.

Our mailing and carrier bags are also now made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable sugar cane, further demonstrating our commitment to reducing the use of single use plastics within our business.

Reducing Single Use Plastic Packaging

Thanks to our customers for purchasing Trutex blazers, trousers & skirts, we have saved over 18 million plastic bottles from reaching landfill. That’s enough plastic bottles of water to fill 4 Olympic sized swimming pools!

Each blazer uses 46 plastic bottles to produce the 100% recycled polyester fabric, along with 19 bottles for trousers and 19 bottles for skirts.

You can read how we make the 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles here.

More than 90% of micro plastics found in oceans come from textile fibres released in the main from washing cycles. We are doing our bit to minimise the shedding of our products whilst retaining fabric quality and comfort.

Independent tests have shown that Trutex products shed 60% less fibre when washing, than our main competitors, meaning fewer micro plastics are released through the washing cycle, making their way to rivers and oceans.

In 2021 18 Million Plastic Bottles were Saved from Landfill!

Reducing Micro-Plastics

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