True Quality - Made to last uniform


True quality - made to last uniform

With school uniform being worn up to 200 days a year, it needs to stand up to plenty of washing. That's why Trutex design uniforms with strength in mind for plenty of rough and tumble! And, because we only specialise in creating school uniforms - not disposable fashion - you simply get good value, made to last, uniform. 

Plus, we help you to keep your kids looking smart with the least fuss possible with non-iron fabrics, permanent creases and many more design features, helping make your life easier!


Along with good design and fabric, the methods of construction are also an important aspect in meeting our high standards. This includes things like the way seams and hems are put together, the internal construction of our products and areas that take extra stress, all this helps to make sure the uniform you buy lasts well and keeps its shape. For example, we make sure all our blazers will stand up to daily wear and those heavy back packs! 

Fabric that performs

It's so important to get the right fabric for school uniform to give it longevity. To make something last, the fabrics we choose go through rigorous testing, with our minimum benchmarks exceeding the British Standards. We check for washing shrinkage, pilling (the technical word for surface 'bobbling'), seam strength, colour fastness and much more. 


We only use trusted partners, many of whom we have been working with for more than 10 years. Every Trutex approved factory must comply with our published Corporate Social Responsibility Program. We also have our own staff in country offices to ensure all our quality standards are adhered to.

Our ethical sourcing standards run through everything we do - with regular audits and improvements, we're ensuring our high standards are met - every day, every time. 

Find out more about what we do read our latest CSR report.


We're on a mission to reduce our single use plastic packaging by 50% by 2025. We're well on the way, changing to recycled material and removing plastic where possible. Our packaging helps our garments integrity to make sure it reaches you in pristine condition. 

Customer Feedback

Before our uniform even hits the shelves, we will put prototypes through intensive wearer trials, making sure our design and fabrics hit the mark. Further combined testing is carried out on finished garments to replicate customer use. We also monitor Trustpilot and other customer feedback to help us continuously improve the uniform we provide. You can visit our Trustpilot page to give us your feedback.

Your Own Quality Checklist

What to look out for to determine good quality:


  1. Are seams straight and robust - try pulling lightly around cuffs - does the stitching hold without gaps?
  2. How does the fabric feel? - is it robust to touch?
  3. Does the fabric pattern match up at the seams?
  4. Are there any special finished - such as non-iron / permanent creases?
  5. Do hems look straight and well stitched?
  6. Do the waist bands of trousers feel substantial and comfortable - are there adjusters, is the inside tailored nicely?
  7. Are pockets straight and stitched with extra thread on trousers?
  8. Do shirts include extra panels between the shoulders or down the front panel (placket). This will help give better performance over time.
  9. Does the blazer or shirt come with extra buttons?
  10. Do labels have country of origin and care instructions?