App Launch to help solve the online sizing conundrum

We have launched an online sizing application allowing parents to get the right size uniform for their children - first time.

Buying clothing online can be tricky at the best of times, but particularly when you’re buying for your children.

Their size and shape changes so much as they grow and this coupled with brands differing interpretation of an “Age 10” for example, can mean customers are frustrated - interpreting lengthy size guides, or having to return and exchange for different sizes.

There is no standard for sizing children’s clothes, the same physical size can be labelled differently depending on the brand. This not only creates confusion and stress when purchasing online but can ultimately leave children without the right uniform to wear to school at the right time.

Recognising the need to address this problem, Trutex have now launched My Size ID – an online sizing app that is integrated into all of its digital platforms.

Unlike some other online sizing tools, My Size ID is simple and quick to use and only requires parents to enter their child’s height and weight - two measurements that are easily obtainable at home. The software will then do the rest and suggest the appropriate size to order.

Trutex conducted extensive user trials before launching My Size ID, which showed it to be over 99% accurate with the suggested sizing once height and weight were inputted.

As Matthew Easter, CEO explains “for a while now we have recognised the need to help ensure parents get the right size first time when buying our garments, and our team have worked hard to ensure both ease of use and accuracy in developing My Size ID. We are delighted to be the first school uniform company to offer this technology to the state sector in the UK, which accounts for 91% of the market.

No tape measure, no problem!

To use My Size ID, you'll need to know your child's height, so make sure you have a tape measure to hand. If you don't have one at home, try our easy to print at home measuring tape below.