Download: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Running a  Successful School Shop

Many schools are situated in ideal locations, except for one thing; the absence of a suitable uniform retailer in the nearby area. To ensure students and parents can easily access the right uniform, you could look to open an in-house uniform shop. But without the right leadership, logistics and supplier, your shop could end up failing to provide students and parents with what they need.

If you’re about to set up a school shop – or, perhaps, take steps to run your existing shop more effectively – our guide is here to help. After all, a school shop is a small business and needs to be treated as such; even a medium-sized shop can turn over more than $300,000 in a school year!

You’ll find advice on:

  • staffing the shop
  • choosing the right supplier
  • managing your stock and making sales
  • as well as some ‘top tips’ to help it run smoothly

Nurture the future

Trutex are on a mission to reduce our impact on the planet and to improve the lives of the people who manufacture and wear our uniform.

Ethical Trading at Trutex

Every time you purchase Trutex school uniform, you are helping to protect the people around the world who make our clothing.

Trutex works to the ‘Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code’. Suppliers are required to be audited against a number of principals including working hours and child labour.

This means employees work in a clean, safe working enviroment and earn a fair income.

Anti-Bullying Initiative 

Trutex is proud to partner The Diana Award, a charity legacy to Princess Diana's belief that young people have the power to change the world.

Trutex with the Diana Award Anti-bullying initiative aims to empower young people to tackle bullying in their schools and communities and make them safe, happy and bully-free place to be. Trutex are committed to helping reach more young people to benefit this programme and help build confidence in young people. 

Uk’s first carbon neutral schoolwear 

We commissioned an independent audit of all our business process to identify the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted over a 12 month period. 

To offset these emissions Trutex have invested in a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project that reduces greenhouse emissions by preventing landfill gas entering the atmosphere and turns them into usable green energy.