Why Trutex uniforms last longer

At Trutex, we pride ourselves on providing school uniforms that are made to last – it’s at the heart of everything we do. From design to delivery, we make decisions based on quality, longevity and sustainability, all while taking your budget into mind.

With the rising cost of living affecting families, it’s more important than ever that items of school uniform stand the test of time and the rough and tumble of the school playground. Longer lasting uniform means fewer items are needed throughout your children’s school career, which not only saves you money, but also reduces your carbon footprint. 

Many of you tell us how long Trutex uniform lasts and we recently heard of a 30-year-old blouse, still being worn today! You can read all about it here. Careful design and attention to detail during the manufacturing process means your Trutex uniform is often grown out before it’s worn out. Parents tell us they’re able to pass uniform from one sibling to another, or give them a second life by donating to charity or their school’s second-hand uniform shop.

This simple approach to sustainability means Trutex uniform can live on through many years and many owners!



When it comes to design, we want to make sure every child feels comfortable and looks smart, whatever their age, size or gender. All our garments are designed to fit students appropriately, including specific tailoring for senior girls’ skirts, trousers and blouses and unisex options for children of all ages. When an item of clothing fits properly, it lasts longer.

We put a lot of detail into our uniforms to make them stand out from the crowd and give the highest standards of durability. Some of these features include include:

  • strengthened seams on shirts
  • heat-pressed pleats on trousers
  • hidden waist adjusters
  • elasticated collars and cuffs

To make sure our uniforms stand the test of time, we test each of our garments rigorously. Comprehensive quality control checks are in place to giving you a school uniforms that performs incredibly well for your child – for example our boys school trousers are 100% stronger than competitors.


Sourcing the best

When we’re sourcing fabrics, we look for and choose high quality, durable materials, tailored to each of our school uniform products. Our trousers are made using Teflon Eco-Elite® stain resistant fabric, making it harder for marks and stains to set in, while our sweatshirts are made from low bobble material, meaning they stay looking smart after multiple wears and washes.

For all our uniform items, we take into account the colour fastness of a fabric, how easy it is to wash, and whether it can stand up to the daily demands of school life.

The future of our planet and continuing to reduce our impact on the environment is extremely important to us and we’re committed to sustainability – from how we design and manufacture our garments to being a carbon neutral business since 2012.

We’ve developed our Re-vive fabric, a unique 100% recycled fabric that we use in our school blazers, trousers and skirts. Working with a specialist recycling partner, we created a fabric that would be better for the environment while still being hard-wearing.


You can be assured that when you buy Trutex, you not only get the quality you would expect, but a long-term commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable uniform that’s made to last.