Schools’ Football Week 

Schools’ Football Week 

From 24-30 May it’s Schools’ Football Week, an initiative for schools, teams and clubs from across the country to show off the talent of their pupils and the benefits playing football brings to schools and clubs.

Children have missed out on a lot during the last year, and that includes team sports. The main focus for Schools’ Football Week 2021 is to provide an opportunity for children to get outside, and enjoy being able to play sport with their school friends, competitively or just for fun.


Benefits of being part of a sports team

Playing team sports, including football can bring so many benefits to your children’s emotional and physical development. They develop important motor skills, but also learn responsibility, communication, empathy and patience. Being a part of a team means other members of the team rely on them and vice versa. 

Learning to communicate is a key skill for everyday life. Being part of a football team not only increases communication skills with their peers, but with adults too – this might include those in positions of authority such as coaches or match officials.

Playing team sports also means learning patience; things might not always go the way you want and your team might lose on occasion. Learning to deal with these emotions and disappointment is an important development skill for children, but knowing that they’re all in it together helps them to overcome and feel empathy.


Get kitted out

If you’re a parent or coach for a children’s football team you can contribute in so many different ways, including helping to choose the right kit for the team.

Just like with school uniforms, matching sportswear can also help promote and foster togetherness, unity, and team spirit. A smart kit will be worn like a badge of honour, and makes everyone equal.

AKOA is our school sportswear range that uses the same high-quality manufacturing processes and materials you’d expect from Trutex for a range of sports gear.

Our range includes school sports tops, t-shirts and polo shirts, jogging bottoms, leggings and school games skirts in a wide variety of colours. You can even complete your sportswear order with co-ordinating sports socks or customise your kit with our colour combination options and badging service.

Every item in the range is made from technical sportswear fabrics with added features like mesh panels, which keep children cool. They’re easy to wash and look after, and you have the option to personalise the kit with your team or school’s logo so the team will look smart whenever they step onto the pitch. We even have an online kit builder so you can envisage what the team will look like.


Getting involved

If you’re a teacher or parent who would like their kids’ school to get involved in Schools’ Football Week, they’ve put together a guide which provides lots of ideas of activities you can introduce into school, football training or your club to help celebrate Schools’ Football Week 2021.

As part of this season’s SFW celebrations, the ESFA also plans to bring together all schools’ football players and participants on one specific day – Wednesday 26 May – to create the biggest football match in the world. You can find out more here.


Team sports – such as football – can help kids find a sense of belonging. It’s an opportunity for them to meet with other children who they might not normally hang out with and make new friends.