Plant a tree for every order on World Earth Day!

On the 22nd April 2022 it is World Earth Day, a day that millions of people around the world celebrate to help protect the planet and make it a good, happy place to live. We want to help support this incredible day by planting a tree for every order we receive on the 22nd April 2022.

This day doesn’t just get people involved in cleaning up the planet, but also raises awareness on issues like pollution and deforestation. Taking care of the planet means taking care of ourselves, as oxygen is produced and CO2 is absorbed by tree’s. By cutting these down, we are increasing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, resulting in higher air pollution levels and contributing to global warming.

But don’t worry! You can also get involved in supporting World Earth Day and helping our planet by making little changes at home, such as:


By recycling at home you are helping to reduce the need to grow, harvest or extract new raw materials from the earth. Resulting in less harm, disruption and damage such as; fewer forests cut down, rivers diverted, wild animals harmed or displaced and less pollution of water, soil and air.

You can recycle the majority of your household items, but make sure you are separating and preparing them properly and removing any plastic where needed.

Plant a tree

Trees are so important for our planet, animals, insects and us, humans in many ways. They help make the air we breathe, they combat climate change and provide homes for lots of creatures. Planting a tree or as many trees as you can, is one of the best things you can do to help the environment.

Check out how to plant a tree in our new Eco Activity Pack.

Eat a green lunch

No, we don’t mean a green coloured lunch! We mean an eco-friendly lunch using only reusable containers, cutlery and refillable bottles. By using these reusable items, you are reducing the amount of plastics, that can’t be recycled, reaching our oceans and therefore saving millions of ocean and marine life.

Go on a litter picking walk

Everyone loves a clean and tidy local park or street. Take an adult with you or ask your school or scout group to organise a litter picking walk. As well as keeping the streets and parks tidy, litter picking protects wildlife. Sometimes animals can confuse litter for food or nesting materials, putting them and other wildlife in danger, so picking up litter can prevent any harm to any animals.

Create a craft box

Collect waste paper, toilet rolls, bottles, newspapers, cereal boxes and so much more, so you always have lots of things to make creative crafts with. This will reduce the amount of waste you are throwing away equaling in the amount of recycling you will do. Plus you and your kids can create lots of fun and exciting crafts, like a rocket made from a toilet roll, or a car made from a cereal box!

So do what you can to help our planet this World Earth Day, and remember if you order from us on the 22nd April 2022, your order will plant a tree!