Keeping kids warm on a budget

As we head into the autumn and winter months, it’s important that children stay warm and dry. Parents may be worrying about the increased cost of living, from energy bills to food and clothing, and you might be looking at where you can save money.

Kids spend a lot of time in their school uniforms, so it’s important they’re up to scratch and protect them against the chills of winter. School uniform can also take a chunk out of your budget but It’s worth investing in good quality garments, so you’re not having to buy extras throughout the year.

Our uniforms are made to last and we’re proud to hear back from customers who’ve passed uniform down to siblings and onto other families who may need it.

Here’s some tips to keep your kids warm while keeping your uniform budget in check.


Choosing the right size

Kids can grow a lot in a year. Buying school uniform to find your child has a massive growth spurt can feel a little disconcerting. It’s always worth buying clothes and shoes with growth room in mind, so you don’t have to buy twice. Our size guides and sizer app can help you choose the perfect size so your purchases won’t go to waste.


Add a jumper or cardigan beneath blazers

Keep your children cosy under their blazers with some quality knitwear. Our range of jumpers for both boys and girls are soft, durable and easy to clean. They’re built for comfort without compromising on style and are available in various colours.

If your kids’ school has a more casual uniform policy, we stock a range of unisex sweatshirts to keep them warm and comfortable. They’re just as durable with strengthened seams, ribbed welt and cuffs to help them keep their shape and a high-quality polyester cotton mix fabric that won’t bobble easily. They’re also available in a range of colours and necklines.


Under layers and tights

Once you’ve bought your key pieces of uniform, you can save money on the extras to keep your kids warm.

Building up a number of thinner layers is the most effective way to keep children warm and dry. Try a vest under their school shirt to lock in heat coming from their torso and thicker tights to help legs stay toasty if your child is wearing a dress or skirt. You can even pick up fleece-lined and ladder-proof ones which are great if your kids love playing outside at breaktimes.


Heads and hands

Our heads and hands are often the first areas of our bodies to feel the cold. A woolly hat, earmuffs, scarf and gloves are perfect children’s heads, ears and hands protected from the cold during winter and don’t cost the earth. If someone in the family is into knitting or crochet, you can even make your own!

Our gloves are designed with an internal fleece-lining for added warmth, a high grip silicone palm, an elasticated wristband and smart phone touch index and thumb tips – perfect if you’ve got teens glued to their mobiles.


Warming up from the inside out

Another way to keep kids toasty during the winter is to warm them up from the inside. A good hot meal can do wonders! Hot school dinners will keep them going all afternoon and if they’re on packed lunches this doesn’t need to mean cold sandwiches. There are plenty of child-friendly thermoses where you can give them soup or even last night’s leftovers so they enjoy a hot meal too.


Second-hand uniform

If you’re struggling financially or want to help others, get your children’s school together to organise a swap shop. Children can grow at an alarming rate sometimes and most people would prefer their items go to other kids who can use them rather than into landfill.

We’ve also introduced a uniform recycling programme – Re:form by Trutex, where schools can sign up to our scheme to help provide more cost effective uniform and a second hand uniform service –  find out more about and if you have uniform that your children have outgrown, please consider donating it.