Dressing for winter

After a fairly mild October half-term holiday, the temperature has dropped and it’s back to school for the cold winter months. It’s time to dig out the jumpers, woolly hats and gloves, and definitely your kids’ ‘big coat’.

At Trutex, we’ve got you covered for all your winter warmer uniform needs for little ones to teenagers, and from the classroom to the playing fields.


Getting the layers right

Kids often don’t feel the cold like adults but they are more susceptible to it. By wearing a few layers, they can always take one off when they get too hot or add one when they get too cold.

Our blazers are fully lined, machine washable, and we have styles for both boys and girls, making them a practical choice for winter. If your children’s school doesn’t have blazers as part of their school uniform, investing in a decent jumper or cardigan is a must. They’re cut in unisex and girls’ fit, so your children can feel comfortable, and we also stock sweatshirts in a variety of colours and necklines, most of which are unisex so can be passed on to younger siblings when they’ve grown out of them.

A good vest underneath their school shirt, blouse or polo-shirt will also help keep them cosy throughout winter.



We stock a wide range of trousers for both boys and girls, junior and senior.

Teenage girls can be quite particular about their clothing and our girls’ trousers are specifically crafted, designed and made with girls in mind. They provide a combination of tailored waistbands to improve the look as well as a stretch fabric to offer.

Our boys trousers are made for the playground – they have stronger seams made from heavyweight fabric, and offer stain resistance with our Stay Smart technology, plus our Junior boys trousers have the benefit of an elasticated waistband at the back too.

If your child prefers to wear a skirt during the winter, keep legs warm with a pair of long socks or thick tights.


Keeping extremities warm

Hands, feet and ears are all susceptible to the cold weather. Woollen hats, earmuffs, scarves and gloves are a great addition to their uniform during winter. Our gloves are designed with an internal fleece-lining for added warmth, a high grip silicone palm and an elasticated wristband. 


PE kit

Children will be outside playing sports in the winter – it takes some extreme weather to keep them inside during a PE lesson.

There are some simple swaps you can make during the colder months for their PE kit, such as changing out gym shorts and skirts for tracksuit bottoms or full length leggings and t-shirts for a long-sleeved sports top. Our pro-track pants come in a range of colours to fit in with your school’s uniform.

If your school has a strict uniform and insists on shorts and skirts, our cushioned pro PE socks come with padded sole and micromesh venting.

Check out our micro fleeces and hoodies to go over their kit – it gives kids the option to add as much or little extra warmth depending on how cold it is.

Remember we also provide handy size guides for all your school uniform needs, so if you’re unsure about your growing kids’ size for any item, just visit our size guide page. There’s even an easy print at home measuring tape in case you don’t have one. We also have our sizer app, My Size ID, a simple and quick way to calculate what size you need to buy using only two measurements – your child’s height and weight.