Back to school last minute prep

And just like that the summer holidays are over. It’s back to school again, but have your kids got everything they need?

Here’s our last-minute guide to make sure your kids are prepped for the new school year.



Make sure you do a check of your kids uniform including their PE kit before school starts. You might have been really organised in buying any new uniform but it’s worth checking it fits as kids can grow a lot over the summer holidays! Check out our recent blog to make sure you have all your uniform needs sorted.

At the start of the school year, kids can get a bit forgetful with their uniform, for instance using jumpers for goal posts. Make sure their uniform is identifiable to them by using a fabric marker, name tapes, or even a small colourful button or thread in an inconspicuous place.



Once you’re sure you have all your uniform needs sorted, it’s time to check on accessories. Do they have enough notebooks and stationery? Is last year’s lunchbox and water bottle still fit for purpose? Remember, we also stock all these items so you have a one-stop shop for all your school needs.


Be mentally prepared

Having had a break for six weeks, kids might have forgotten about any summer homework that may have been set, so make sure they’ve caught up on any work. It’ll also be worth getting them to check the syllabus for the year ahead, especially if they’re doing GSCEs or A-levels. Do they have all the school books they need?


New school?

If your kids are making the change from primary to secondary school, or are starting at a new school, make sure you familiarise yourself with joining instructions, where you need to drop your kids off, and who their teachers are going to be.

If they need to get a bus to school, make sure they know where the bus stop is or if you’re taking them, it might be worth doing a dry run to see how long it’ll take to get there.


Settling the nerves

Most kids will feel a little nervous about going back to school. The week before they go back start trying to get them into their term-time bedtime routines so it’s not such a big shock when the alarm rings on the first day. 

Make sure they pack their school bag the night before so you know they’re all set for the day ahead just in case the alarm doesn’t go off!

Also as a treat, maybe let them have their favourite breakfast for the first week – you can be reassured they’ll at least get to school having eaten.

It’s always a mad rush and a little nervy just before kids go back to school – for parents too! Just remember that after the first week they’ve normally settled back into a routine and are glad to be seeing their friends again, and hopefully enjoying learning.