Starting Secondary School

Your baby is going to big school! Everyone remembers starting secondary school; that mixture of nerves, excitement and most of all the hugeness of your new school with different teachers for every subject, older year groups who all looked gigantic, classes to find down interminable corridors and timetables to decipher.

When your child makes the move to secondary school it's no less momentous for you as a parent. You want them to be happy; you worry they won't be. And into this melting pot of angst comes the fact that the secondary school your child is going to will either be your first choice (did we make the right choice?) or one that you've had to accept but still have doubts about (should we have tried harder?)

This is really important: you must not give any indication of your own seething cauldron of worries and must be totally upbeat and positive about everything to do with the move to secondary school.

Most children are totally ready to make the move to secondary school and settle in very happily.

Starting Secondary School

They've probably been bored silly in SAT obsessed Year 6 and are eager to make the transition up to a new school, new friends, new lessons and new challenges.  

But for parents the move to secondary school does mark the first act of letting go, of trusting your child to organise themselves - albeit with help and support from loving parents - and become an independent, happy teenager.

Before Term Starts:


The First Week of Secondary School:


The First Term:


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