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Trutex schoolwear is made to last, giving our customers real value for money. Trutex is Britain's best-loved uniform brand, having supplied quality garments for over 150 years. Our heritage for quality gives us a leading edge in the market, providing the very highest standards of schoolwear and sportswear for school children of both primary and senior school age.

Our uniform is uniform and won't be worn out - we can't promise children won't grow out of their uniform, but our "Made to Last" quality will stand up to washing throughout a school year and the rough and tumble of daily school life.

A schoolwear specialist, we extensively test our fabrics and design all our garments to be comfortable, durable and to maintain their outstanding looks. Choose from an extensive range of size options and fits including classic fit, sturdy fit (for plus sizes) and slim fit. We even have special features like elasticated waistbands for junior school age children.

Our schoolwear is available in a wide variety of colours - black, navy blue, royal blue, green, grey and burgundy (maroon). We believe our range to be unparalleled by any other school uniform supplier.

Trutex only makes schoolwear so unlike other companies who only dabble in schoolwear, ours is available all year round so you can always get the size that you need when you need it.

Trutex is constantly innovating and improving our products meaning that our customers keep returning year after year to make sure their children are wearing the best, most hard wearing, high quality uniform that they possibly can.

Non iron shirts, durable seams, stain resistant finishes and permanent creases in trousers and skirts are just some of the advanced features that make life easier for parents, saving both time and money which can be spent on other things.