Reducing Energy & Waste

We are always looking for ways to recycle and reduce waste. All our waste is separated so only the minimum is sent to landfill and we re-use and recycle as much as possible. Any garments that are deemed unfit for sale or other use are sent to charity or for 3rd World countries use.

All cardboard which cannot be re-used is baled and sent to a business, Smurfit Kappa, who are able to recycle everything they receive from us. Since 2011 we have recycled over 100 tonnes of cardboard in this way.

Reducing energy and waste

We are also part of the BIFFPACK waste management scheme. All our information in regards to controlling what we recycle or dispose of has to be registered through this organisation and is monitored by a yearly submission. The details we provide are carefully tracked and followed by the Environment Agency in conjunction with BIFFPACK.


We have an on-going commitment to reduce our energy consumption. We replaced all our lighting throughout our 900,000 sq foot facility with new fittings and 622 T5-35W energy saving lamps.

This has reduced our energy consumption by 35414.4 killowatt hours, resulting in a CO2 reduction of 19310 kilograms per annum.