Ethical Initiative

All Trutex products are manufactured in safe working conditions, a fact that is ensured by the undertaking of social and ethical audits by Trutex employees and independent auditing organisations, such as SMETA, on our supplying factories around the world.

The audits look into a wide range of procedures and practices. These incorporate health and safety, including aspects such as clear evacuation procedures in the event of a fire; the working environment which includes lighting, ventilation and protective equipment and also wages, hours of work and the age of the factory employees.


You can be confident that all Trutex factories meet the standards set by a third party organisation called the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). The ETI's Base Code investigates similar aspects of working conditions to those audited by Trutex, however, we feel that this gives our strong ethical positioning, even more credibility and also help to improve conditions still further by acting on any recommendations that may be made. The ETI auditing process is carried out by an independent third party organisation with considerable experience in running such investigations.

It is our policy to only work with factories that not only demonstrate a strong ethical position but are also prepared to further implement recommended changes and continually improve working conditions for employees.

As a business, we are committed to developing viable routes of supply within the framework of our Corporate Responsibility Programme. This is a long-term, continuous exercise, with a commitment that has a buyer, we aim to improve the working conditions and lives of the workers in our supplier factories.