Trutex Power Blazer

Trutex launch "Power Blazer" containing empowering messages by children, for children

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Power blazer Power blazer

"Stong people never put others down. Strong people lift others up"


Trutex have launched a ‘Power Blazer’ with a lining covered in children’s handwritten messages of inspiration and encouragement for the young wearer.

Recent research by the YMCA has found that more than half of children aged 11 to 16 have been bullied about the way they look, with 40% targeted at least once a week.   The blazer, which is designed by children, for children, came about after Trutex asked UK school children how messages of encouragement and positivity could be shared to combat bullying and improve confidence.

We work closely with The Diana Award on its Anti-Bullying Programme and our designers have developed this product after a recent project with victims of school bullying, learning that empowerment from within was important to encourage and foster.

The Blazers will be available to purchase 28th August 2018 - watch out for further details coming soon