7 Low Budget Activities to do with your Children in October Half Term

 Autumn is here, the weather is changing and with October half term around the corner, we’ve put together our top tips to help keep your kids entertained - without spending a fortune!

Half term for parents means filling a week with activities to keep the kids entertained, which can take its toll on your budget. Take a look at our great ideas for low cost or free activities to keep little ones entertained and big ones happy!


1. Get them in the kitchen

Baking is great fun for all ages, even for you adults! Baking is not just fun and messy; it is also educational. Kids can put into practice many skills such as maths, sequencing skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, you also get a tasty treat to finish.

OK, so it can be messy, but why not get the kids to help wash up after too! There are loads of kid-friendly recipes you can search online, why not try halloween cupcakes here.


2. Get creative with arts and craft 

Have fun at home with an arts and craft day, with Halloween coming up it’s the perfect time. Why not save money and create your own Halloween decorations – try bunting, drawing, sticking and decorating. Grab some old scraps and put them to good use by getting crafty!

You could also try our Halloween themed activity pack. You can print at home and get started straight away click here.


3. Get outdoors 

So it normally goes… “Let's go for a walk!” (Kids groan) How about trying “Let's go on an adventure” or “Shall we go for a treasure hunt?”

Getting wrapped up, heading outside and taking in the autumn scenery is one of the most cost-effective plus healthy activities out there! Conker picking, map reading, bug hunting are all free activities, and when wrapped up in an adventure, most kids will love. Your next problem will be getting them back inside! You can find lots of walks locally. Try The National Trust website for walks in your area here.

autumn child playing in leaves

4. Use your imagination and write a story 

 Storytelling is an age-old tradition which encourages creativity and imagination - great for your child’s development.

For a fun activity with friends or siblings encourage them to write chain stories. Each person writes a paragraph but only reveals the last sentence for the next person to carry on. Only reveal the full story when the last person has written their section. They’ll love the crazy, fun stories they create and you never know you may get a best seller!



5. Visit a museum

Many museums are now free (or ask for a small donation) and have made considerable efforts to be engaging and fun for children. There are often half term activities and many exhibits can be linked to your child’s curriculum and in-school learning.

Take a packed lunch and spend the day browsing the displays or searching for treasure! 

Click here and find museums near you!


6. Put on a performance 

Whether it’s a dance, stand-up comedy or a play, your children can have great fun with friends, encouraging creativity and imagination.Get the box of dressing up clothes out and encourage them to discuss ideas and practice their chosen performance, this also buys parents some time to get their jobs done whilst the secret planning and practising takes place.

Don’t forget you’ll also have to sit through the performance clapping and cheering whatever the outcome!


7. Make the most of your local libraries

Visit your local library during half term – encouraging their interest in books and reading.

Discuss what books they like or dislike and encourage them to try a few books that they might not normally choose. This helps to broaden their tastes, expanding their minds and vocabularies.

There are often special events during the school holidays too, so it’s worth checking with your local library what they have planned.


We hope this has given you lots of ideas to have a half term packed full of fun!